Hens Get Published

The Sunnyside Post stopped by to interview us about our hens.

The ladies have become quite the popular subjects in the neighborhood.  We never expected our neighbors to pay them much attention, as per the standard NYC modus operandi.  However, we have had the great fortune of meeting many in the community, both old and young, who appreciate the anomaly of our urban chicken raising.  While tending our garden, crouched below the fence line, we have witnessed many surprised faces, pointing fingers, and occasionally, even overheard “conversations” between human and hen.

Perhaps most rewarding of all, we have seen young children meet chickens for the first time with big eyes and bigger smiles.  One afternoon, our upstairs neighbor left the house, heading for the subway.  He heard some commotion down the street coming toward him.  A young boy, with his mother chasing after, came speeding down the sidewalk on his kick scooter screaming, “CHICKENS!  CHICKENS!”  Our neighbor ducked out of the path as the boy made his way straight to our fence.

A year ago, as we planned the project, we were concerned about the possibility of some negative reactions.  Fortunately, our neighbors have been extremely supportive and simply curious.  The hens provoke many questions and allow conversation to commence.  Through this experience, we really feel at home in Sunnyside.


3 thoughts on “Hens Get Published

    • Unfortunately, we do not collect enough eggs to sell. The weekend farmer’s market is a great source for fresh eggs, produced responsibly. We can offer you an egg to try if you stop by. We are usually out and about most weekend days.

  1. I love your chickens! I walked by yesterday and saw the coop was empty – I am now relieved to hear that they were free-ranging and are still residents of the neighborhood.

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